Can Fisher Experiences

Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable chair of exclusive design, protected by golden rays of sun that surround you and your friends in an orange halo, while enjoying a sea of blue tones in front of you. You are in the Bogatell Beach, one of the calmest and cleanest of Barcelona, with fine sand, and a few waves that calmly break at the feet of the bathers.

From the sea to the land

Fresh product, cultivated with sustainable methods, for local farmers and fishermen, and cooked by demand by a large and great team of cooks. From the sea to the land in a few hours, and from our kitchens to your lips in a few seconds. Experience flavors, experience sensations. Everything is designed for you.

Return to elegance

Can Fisher is not a beach restaurant, it is a restaurant on the beach. With an interior design inspired by Californian style from the 50s and the 60s, Can Fisher raises your visit to the beaches of Barcelona to a new level. Feel comfortable, feel special. All is thought so that you can enjoy it.