An elegant Design

Can Fisher’s concept of interior design remains faithful to the modernist and functional architecture of the “Mid Century Modern”. Therefore, the lighting, the furniture and the accommodation have been designed specifically for the space, respecting at all times the pure lines of aesthetics.

The building takes advantage of, and also reinforces, the simplicity and geometry of the original installations of the olympic “merenderos” at the Vila Olímpica of Barcelona, and presents a rectangular shape of minimalist character that houses a large open terrace with panoramic views to the sea.

galería Terraza con vistas al Mediterráneo en Can Fisher

The interior plays with large volumetric spaces and a simple, clean, and refined design, in addition to boasting a unique transparency thanks to the glass windows.

Noble materials such as concrete or steel merge perfectly with wood to achieve lightness in the visual aspect of the premises. The use of soft and natural colors such as turquoise and salmon predominates, which, together with the tone of the noble materials mentioned above, they bring freshness and also bring us closer to the warmth of the sea.